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Three images by Jim Mazur

With just a camera on a tripod, it is not hard to take pictures of the constellations.  If you have some tracking device or if you piggy-back your camera on a telescope with an equatorial drive, that’s even better.  To obtain this image of Orion, I combined six 20-second exposures from a Canon T6i camera on a light-weight equatorial mount.
NGC 7789, Caroline’s Rose Cluster
This very rich open cluster in Cassiopeia was discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783.  It is a beautiful view in just about any type of telescope. This image was taken with a 14-inch Meade LX850 telescope and an SBIG ST-8300M camera.
NGC 488 region
This galaxy in Pisces is a fine example of a face-on spiral with very distinct, tightly wound arms. Many background galaxies of various sizes and shapes are also seen.  This image was also taken with my Meade 14-inch scope.


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