Monthly Meetings, continued:

At the May monthly meeting, Al Washburn continued with his discussion of the ASNH meteorite collection. This presentation focused in detail on iron meteorites from three different locations. First, Al presented samples from Sikote-Alin. The fall of this meteor was observed in the skies over Siberia in 1947, creating an explosion that was heard for up to 200 miles away. Al also showed some samples from famous Canyon Diablo meteorite, which fell in Arizona roughly 30,000 to 50,000 years ago and produced Meteor Crater, some 4000 feet across and several hundred feet deep. Finally, Al presented our samples from the Gibeon meteorite that fell in Namibia. Many tons of material have been recovered from all three of these large impacts.  After the presentation, everyone got another chance to go up and handle these rare rocks from outer space.

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