Winter Solstice Dinner, January 11, 2020

By Donna Pursley

Our winter solstice dinner was late this year. We decided that the holidays would be too busy and scheduled the dinner for early January. This actually worked out because it was unusually warm for January.

The dinner was at the Unitarian Church in New Haven. Cheryl did a terrific job of decorating to put us all in the solstice mood. It is nice to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with our friendly astronomy bunch. This is the only time of the year that we get to meet some of the spouses. We always have a good turnout for the solstice dinner and everyone brings a tasty dish.

Al’s quiz had some difficult and some easy questions this year. I overheard that many of us just guessed at some of the answers. Overall there were 4 winners, most of who were surprised that their guesses were actually correct.

It was a fun night and hopefully we will see everyone at the Solstice Picnic in June!!

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