Gallery, continued:

Al Washburn took this picture of the November 8 lunar eclipse through an Orion 6-inch reflector with a 25-mm eyepiece and an Orion iphone adapter.  It was taken at East Haven High School just about 15 to 20 minutes after totality began.

Andy Buynak captured the five images below. The Milky Way pictures were taken in Marlow, NH using a Canon EOS M50 with a 15-45 mm lens and a 25 second exposure. The closeup of the Moon was taken with a cell phone camera and cell phone adapter on a 10 inch Dob using a 25 mm eyepiece. The crescent Moon was taken with a Canon EOS M50 with 55-250 mm zoom lens. The picture of the Sun was taken with the 10 inch Dob and a white light glass solar filter with a 25 mm eyepiece, using the cell phone camera and adapter.

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