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Rich Asarisi’s new observatory, BluebirdKnoll Observatory, is up and running now, and this beautiful shot of Messier 33 (the Triangulum Galaxy) is the first color image he has obtained with his new facilities and equipment. Great detail can be seen all the way from the galaxy’s bright center to its intricate spiral arms.

The entire sword of Orion is captured in this spectacular image.  Messier 42 and 43 (the Orion Nebula) are in the center, and NGC 1422  (the Running Man Nebula) is at the top.  Taken by Leo Taylor with an Orion ST-80 and an SBIG ST4000XCM imager.

The bright open cluster M41 in Canis Major is easy to find a few degrees below brilliant Sirius.  It is dimly visible to the naked eye under dark skies.  Image by Leo Taylor, taken with a Pentax K100D camera and a 300mm Tamron lens.

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