Connecticut Star Party 32

September 23-25, 2022

By Donna Pursley

After a long hiatus, we finally had a real CSP. We saw many of the usual crowd plus a number of first timers this year. The biggest news was the wind. There was a cold front coming through and the wind was worse than most of us have ever set up our scopes in. Very few people set up their scopes early on Friday. Some that did had their scopes
blow over in the high winds.

We had a new caterer this year and the food was varied and good. What I especially liked were the vegetarian options, the pulled pork and the cookies. After dinner on Friday many more set up their scopes. The problem is that with the field so big, everyone is spread out and we don’t hear the usually banter amongst groups. We only set up my 6” on the table. It was a clear night but we packed up early because I couldn’t hold on to my scope and look at my charts at the same time. The wind gusts were unbelievable. Overnight it was very cold. I think it got down to 38 degrees. Most people were camping in tents so I imagine they were cold.

Saturday was just as windy during the day. Pete Kanderfer was an excellent speaker in the morning. The afternoon speaker, Kelly Lepo, had a very interesting talk about the Webb Telescope. There was a nice twist to the raffle as one person who won a scope wanted to have it raffled off to one of the youngsters who were in attendance. The young man who won was so excited it was wonderful to see. He is new to observing but has lots of people around him to show him the ropes.

On Saturday evening just after 7:30, those who were on the observing field got a quite a surprise as a SpaceX rocket launched from Cape Canaveral suddenly appeared in the eastern sky. It was very bright and put on quite a show. Several people were able to get good pictures of it.

Saturday night the wind calmed down and it was warmer. Many more scopes came out including our 10” dob. We stayed out until 1am when the clouds started moving in. Overall, it turned out to be a very nice CSP. It was great to see everyone again. I want to thank all the people that helped set up and take down. You made my life so much less
hectic during the event.

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