ASNH to Participate in the Great Give on May 1-2, 2018

ASNH is participating in the Great Give again this year.

The Great GiveĀ® is an annual 36-hour online fundraising event that unites donors with charitable organizations serving Greater New Haven. It will begin at 8:00 am on May 1 and conclude at 8:00 pm on May 2. Created by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, they provide more than $150,000 in matching funds and prizes that are up-for-grabs for participating nonprofits. Over $6 Million has been distributed to charitable organizations serving Greater New Haven because of The Great GiveĀ®.

Last year, ASNH received $1275.00 in donations through the Great Give. We thank all that donated last year and would like you to consider donating this year. Here is the link for donations:



Meteorites Presented at the January and February Monthly Meetings

ASNH has an impressive collection of meteorites that were presented and described in two informative talks by Al Washburn at the January and February monthly meetings.  The collection includes examples of the three main classes of meteorites–stone, metal, and metal-stone.  These meteorites were purchased through a grant years ago when the club participated in a the Cosmic Connections program for school groups visiting Bethany Observatory.  Over the years, the meteorites have been displayed at numerous public events around the state, and many thousands of adults and children have had a chance to look at, touch, and handle them.

In the January meeting, Washburn brought the entire collection, and after he gave a general overview of what we have, members came up to examine them and ask Al questions about them.  The presentation at the February meeting went into more detail about the various classifications of iron meteorites.  In addition, Chris Predom brought his personal meteorite collection, which includes some very nice specimens that the group enjoyed seeing.

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