Winter Solstice Dinner, January 6, 2018

By Donna Pursley

The dinner had to be rescheduled because of a snow storm on the original date in December. As it turned out, our new date was one of the coldest nights of the year so far. But that didn’t stop the brave and the hungry. The dinner was held at the Unitarian Church on Whitney Ave. in New Haven. This is a really nice place. We had a full kitchen to heat up the food, a large room for all of us to sit, and a few smaller rooms to congregate. Plus it was nice and warm. Remember having to keep your coat on during a Solstice Dinner at Bethany? As usual, there was plenty of delicious food. Everyone had their fill. It seemed that Al’s quiz was more difficult this year, but a number of people did very well and received prizes. We did miss Harriett’s paper airplanes, so a few of us tried our best to substitute. And then it was all over too soon. Don’t miss our Solstice Picnic in June.


Young’s Park Observing, Saturday March 17

Our first public viewing event of the year started off with clear skies!

We were at Young’s Park in Branford on March 17th. It wasn’t quite dark when we got there, where turned out to be a good thing. We were able to show some people Venus and Mercury before they set. It was clear, but it was also very cold and windy. The few people that showed by only stayed about an hour. It wasn’t even really dark yet before we all packed up and headed for warmth.

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