Monthly Meetings

At the March monthly meeting, Donna Pursley and Laurie Averill gave presentations on current findings about gravity waves. Donna introduced the presentation by explaining what gravity waves are and how the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories (LIGO’s) detect them.  Laurie described the discovery on August 17, 2017 of the merger of binary neutron stars that was observed in gravity waves and also a wide variety of electromagnetic wavelengths through global scientific collaboration.

Because Leitner Observatory was closed, the location of the April monthly meeting was changed to the Universalist Unitarian Church in New Haven.  Michael Miller gave a presentation called “Where are They?” about the question of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.  He covered many different approaches, from the Drake Equation for calculating the probability of extraterrestrial life to the Rare Earth hypothesis.  This was followed by a lively and interesting discussion by those present about their own views of whether there is life beyond Earth, and what the chances are that we will find it if it is out there.

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